Miss Boo is Eight Months Old!

It is crazy to think that Ellie turned eight months old on April 24th. We love her so much and she is pretty much the most adorable baby ever. Ellie Faye has figured out how to army crawl and even crawl properly for a few feet, which enables her to get to her favorite forbidden items. These mostly include cords, outlets (which are properly covered), computers, remotes, and the laser pointer when accidentally left on the floor.

So far she has been to three weddings, one funeral, one Illinois baseball game, and one Illinois football (scrimmage) game. She’s also been to church since in the womb :D.

tooth count: Zero, but you can see the beginnings of some.

cuteness factor: scientists are still unable to find a scale that measures high enough to chart her on

sounds: dadadada, mamama, bababa, along with all the other normal baby sounds

sleeping: naps. . . We hates them, preciousss. Nasssty, filthy napses. The anti napper naps twice on a good day. Boy, she can fight the good fight against those evil naps. At least she sleeps all night long.

likes: mom, dad, (plus grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!) Calvin, bouncing, eating, bath time, dogs, chewing on her toys, finding cat fur and other floor goodies and tasting them.

dislikes: naps (see above), not being the center of attention, wearing anything on her feet

We have so much fun raising this little spitfire and can’t wait to see how she keeps on growing!