About Us

TC6C2774Hi! I’m Brett. I love Jesus, I love my beautiful wife, Rachel, and our beautiful daughter, Ellie! I enjoy filling my time with reading, Netflix, and eating. One of my biggest personal goals is to become a very well established multimedia designer.

Hi! I’m Rachel. I’m the Brett and Ellie Faye lovin’, food cookin’, home makin’, coffee drinkin’, kitty wranglin’ one. If you’re reading about something that has to do with our crazy life, that’s probably me behind the keyboard.

TC6C2958This is Ellie Faye.  She is pretty much the most adorable baby in the world.  Ellie enjoys, just like all the other Geists, eating like it’s going out of style.  She is also the blowout champion, and taster of exotic delicacies found on the floor.  Little Boo also is on the brink of crawling, which we’re all bracing ourselves for.


This is Calvin.  He is the furry troublemaker around here.  Calvin’s hobbies include sleeping, eating, shedding, scratching, barfing up things he shouldn’t have eaten in the first place, glaring at the pigeons, and being cute.  He is still not sure what to think of Ellie, but is starting to lean towards begrudging tolerance.


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