Adorable Fall Phone Backgrounds ^ Curated by Rachel

So right after I mention I’m going to write twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, that doesn’t happen. Sigh. . .C’est la vie. Anyhoo, Brett and I got new phones yesterday! I got the oh so pretty gold iPhone 6s. I also got the 64G version, because I take a lot of baby photos. So many I had to delete apps to keep them all. And yes, I did regularly upload them.

So, like any sane person would do when they first get a new phone, I scoured Pinterest for some new phone backgrounds. That’s what sane people do first thing, right? Right.

Here’s some adorableness I found!

You can never go wrong with an awesome wallpaper from #SheReadsTruth.

The Sweetest Occasion has some links to some pretty adorable ones.

fall iphone backgrounds from


And who can resist a Harry Potter lock screen? No one, I tell you! No one! This is what I’ve got mine set to right now:

harry potter minimalist iphone wallpaper.

This one below is pretty cool. Not sure how the text would work in relation to the date/time placement, though.

So there you go! Hopefully I’ve cited these well enough. I definitely didn’t make them, just passing their awesome along.

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