Planning Meals

Do you plan your meals for each week?  I’m not really certain that planning meals saves us money. The only way it saves us money is if I buy things in bulk, make a lot of something at once, and make sure that all the recipes have similar ingredients. And do I do that all the time? That’s a big nope.

weely meal plan & brettandrachelplus
However, I do think there’s a lot of benefits to meal planning. One is that we know what we’re eating, and we know what to buy at the store. I like cooking, but it is definitely something that becomes more burdensome than I’d like it to be. Cooking for fun has kind of taken a back seat, and baking definitely has. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

My favorite way to meal plan and do our grocery list for quite some time now is through an app called MealBoard. It has made what meal planning I do easy to stick with. It isn’t a free app, but well worth the money.

I try to plan our dinners to this schedule each week:

  • Monday = vegetarian
  • Tuesday = soup
  • Wednesday = sandwiches and/or something quick
  • Thursday = meaty and delicious
  • Friday = whatevs
  • Saturday = something that takes more time to make
  • Sunday = see Friday, Saturday, or Wednesday

So far it has really helped out with trying to figure out what to cook each week. What do you do to plan meals? Do you think it saves you money? What are your favorite fall meals? I’m definitely making us some chili mac next week. 😀

I’ll talk about MealBoard in more detail later. Toodles!

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