Historical Breakthrough ^ Make Instant Pudding Taste Like Homemade!

You guys.

I made a discovery. About pudding. An amazing, wonderful, tasty discovery.

So you know how instant pudding just tastes different than homemade? Because you just can’t get that kind of delicious from a box. Right? Wrong!

My discovery was discovered like most discoveries, being resourceful when you don’t have enough milk to make instant vanilla pudding. What you do is instead of using just milk, you use milk and . . . half and half! (yeah, yeah. . . Half and half is fatty, high in calories, blah blah. Well, you’re eating pudding. It isn’t exactly a health food. Life is short. Eat full fat dairy.) I didn’t bother with it at the time, but I bet it would be even tastier if you added a bit of vanilla extract or if you were super fancy, a bit of vanilla bean scrapings. But I’m not that fancy. Nor do I keep vanilla beans hanging around. I don’t cook for the queen, sheesh. I just cook for Brett and Baby Boo and they don’t care if I have vanilla beans on hand or not.

make instant pudding taste like homemade ^ brettandrachelplus

Yes, we do buy half and half by the half gallon, thank-you-very-much.

What I did was grab a box of instant vanilla pudding and replace 1/3 of the milk with half and half. Make it just like how the package tells you to. Except you really don’t have to whisk it as long as they tell you. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You get is much tastier, creamier, homemade-ier tasting pudding. All in 5 mins. I will say that even though it is way closer to homemade pudding, you still need to go the long route if you want that kind of delicious.

Also, I do plan to fill everyone in on Miss Boo’s birthday party, but I’ve been sick and pretty much everything was put on the back burner.

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