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Rachel Reviews ^ Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer

rachel reviews ^ hoover steam cleaner ^ brettandrachelplus
Usually when we need a carpet cleaner, we rely on the kindness of the Daniels to lend us theirs. However, theirs is broken and we own a house with wall to wall carpeting in almost every room, so after some research I decided it would be the most cost effective for us to buy our own steam cleaner. So like any millennial would do, I toodled on over to Amazon.

I ended up ordering the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer, FH50150. Reading the reviews and looking at the specs, it looked pretty good. It came in the mail today (thanks, Amazon Prime two day shipping!) and I immediately put it together and put it to good use. Here’s my thoughts on assembly and quality feel, usage, and cleaning ability.

Assembly: Super easy. You just screw the handle on the top. It isn’t super heavy, which is nice because the water adds to the weight when it is loaded up. The plastic quality is fine, but feels more lightweight than I was expecting in the handle area. It is definitely not flimsy, but feels lighter than our vacuum. I have not tried to deal with the attachments because I have no furniture that warrants steam cleaning. It looked straightforward, though and they all came in a nice mesh bag that hangs on the cleaner when not in use.
Usage: Filling up the clean water tank is simple and attaches without problem to the machine. I was unsure at first how much cleaner to put in (they give you a 16 oz bottle which I used up), but there is a fill line on the water reservoir that is just for the soap. Overall it was easy to push and maneuver while operating. I had to rinse and fill up the water tanks three times to wash and rinse the hall and living room floor and it took pretty much the whole 16 ounce bottle of soap. Dumping out the old water and filling it with new didn’t take more than a few minutes. The picture below shows how gross the water was…after rinsing once!

dirty carpet water ^ brettandrachelplus
Cleaning Ability: It got the carpets looking pretty nice! They are still drying, so we’ve been staying off of them as much as we can. The highest traffic area still shows some discoloration, but it was like that when we bought the house, and I have a feeling that’s how that spot is going to be.

before carpet cleaning ^ brettandrachelplus
after carpet cleaning ^ brettandrachelplus

Overall, I’m very pleased with how well it cleans and how easy it is to operate. It would be nice for the water reservoir to last longer, but not a huge deal. We don’t have that much carpet where that would be a major issue.

A Note ^ I’m reviewing this to review this and I’m not getting compensated or anything.


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