Satisfied In. . .

So you know how sometimes all you want to do dwell on things you aren’t good at?

Then you start looking at Pinterest and get even more bummed out at all the amazing things other way more creative people are coming up with. Then silently mope around thinking to yourself that there is a ton of stuff you need to get done and how you need to make sure and do it perfectly and you know it isn’t going to be perfect, but you really really want it to be. After that, you get even more down about it because now it is more fun to be mopey and sad than to actually think about what you are actually good at and can tangibly do. Yeah . . .

Dangit Pinterest with everything perfect and beautiful

Dangit Pinterest with everything perfect and beautiful

It is so hard to be satisfied with what your abilities and gifts are and not wish that they were something else. If you’re basing your happiness and contentedness in your abilities, then man, you’re in for a letdown when those things don’t go your way or your abilities fade. If you’re waiting for more money, a better job, a cuter kitchen, a better designed gallery wall to be satisfied, do you really think that obtaining it will actually satisfy? From my experience, the answer is a resounding no. You’ll find something else that you want and won’t be content until you have it. Repeat cycle.

I have to remind myself that I’m only going to be satisfied in Christ and the things around me or my abilities aren’t going to satiate my wants and needs. So why do I get so down about things that I can’t do well? Well, I know that it is me looking at myself and relying on myself to be awesome. And my default position in life isn’t awesome. It is more along the lines of “I’m super lazy and want to magically be the best at everything without trying.” Therefore, I’m always going to let myself down at some point. I’m so glad that my worth is not in what I can do or say or make, but my worth and life is hidden with Christ in God. (Col 3:3).

Thanks for bearing with me through some thoughts. I really needed to write it all down and it turned out to be a pretty uplifting exercise. It is so easy to get wrapped up and then bogged down with your thoughts.

So I’m going to end on a couple of things I can do well. I’d encourage you to write down some things you can do well, too. Then go ahead rejoice in that when one day you can’t do them as well as you did at one point in your life, that your worth and importance has not changed.

I can . . .

Make Ellie Boo laugh

Crochet and knit

Turn a pile of data into handy charts, graphs, and tables so people can actually use the data

Write in SQL and do other computer-y things


Cook a tasty din din for my hungry family


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