Rachel Reviews ^ Safety 1st Cabinet Lock

We have a little network saboteur on our hands at the Geist household. Lil’ Bit is the queen of sneaking into the tv cabinet’s doors and messing with the router or modem. For a quick fix, I tied them shut with some yarn, but Brett and I both decided to go ahead and get some actual cabinet locks. Without further ado, my review of the Safety 1st cabinet lock.

Rachel Reviews ^ Safety 1st Cabinet lock ^ brettandrachelplus

This lock was $3.99 at Babies R Us. We were out buying baby shower gifts for some friends having a baby and decided to pick up a lock while we were at the store. This one lock looked okay. It was cheap and it looked less bulky than other locks you normally see.

The pros: It locks your cabinet up tighter than Azkaban.

The cons: It locks your cabinet up tighter than Azkaban.

(If those Dementors would’ve had these safety locks on their cells, Sirius Black wouldn’t have escaped. Just sayin’.)

Good night! If you never have to open the cabinet again, then this is the safety lock for you. However, if you need to access what is in the cabinet on a daily basis (or ever), you’re going to run into LOTS of frustration. It is so hard to slide the handles apart. Plus, it doesn’t extend far enough for us to put it on our kitchen cabinet doors. It comes with two in a pack and I thought one was slightly easier to open and close than the other. I think the problem lies with the button that is supposed to disengage the teeth to slide it. It is cheaply made and doesn’t lift free of the teeth enough to have it slide easily. That’s my theory.

So new parents, don’t get this safety lock for frequently used cabinets. If you have a cabinet that is full of gasoline and lead based paint that you only use once a year for your family tire burning extravaganza, then go right ahead and buy them. They’ll keep baby out of that cabinet.

for keeping your baby away from your tire burning supplies

So, anyone have any good cabinet locks they recommend?

P.S. I’m reviewing this on my own; not getting compensated or anything.

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