Packing ^ A Necessary Evil ^

So. It has come to this. Packing. Cleaning. Moving. Unpacking. Losing necessities. Unpacking more. Finding necessities after rifling through many boxes. Giving up finding others because it just isn’t worth it anymore. Cleaning more. All with a cat and an army crawling, let’s get into everything baby. Blerg…Shoot me now.

never lose your packing list ^ brettandrachelplus

Brett and I are moving. And just not moving to another apartment, moving to a house. Our house. Our, we’re paying a mortgage on this place, I can actually paint walls, house. (I’ll post pictures of it all later.)

Anyhoo, with packing comes boxes. And with boxes comes forgetting what you packed in each box. This move, I have a plan, and like all brilliant plans, it started with a Pinterest search which resulted in me finding this pin. I thought that it looked like a pretty good idea, but not good enough. Instead of using paper and a number, I’m using a code for each room and a sharable spreadsheet. I thought that K01 would make more sense for a kitchen box rather than 301. Plus, multiple people packing can simultaneously add to the spreadsheet and it won’t get lost because it lives out in internet land. I then added a different tab for each different room so it wouldn’t look so jumbled.

The second method we’ve been using is a more avant-garde approach. Since we have been blessed with the luxury of being able to move to the new house slowly, we’ve been packing boxes, unpacking at the new house, then returning the boxes to be used again. Overall, it hasn’t been as stressful as it could be, I suppose.

packing spreadsheet

We’ll see how it ends up working for us. What methods have you used to stay organized while you move?

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