How the Race Went

Last Saturday: What a gorgeous day! What an awesome long run! The weather is so nice and won’t it be great to run in this kind of weather.

Sunday: Hmm. . . Looks like it will be a bit chillier race day. And blast! Is that a chance of rain? Oh well, I’m sure it will change by Saturday.

Monday: Rain chance still there. Here’s hoping it will change. Need to have a short run tomorrow morning. At least the 5K looks like decent weather.

Tuesday: Whoops. No run. Babies sometimes throw wrenches into running plans.

Wednesday: Ugh. . . Thunderstorms Saturday? Really?

Thursday: Maybe the forecast will be wrong. You know how those meteorologists are. They do delight in foiling everyone’s outdoor plans. (Kidding! All the meteorologists I know are great!)

Friday: 5K with Mom! Walked it and had a blast. We even ran into some friends towards the end.

Saturday: Ok. It is a bit chilly, but doesn’t look to be raining. Oh wait. It’s raining now that the race is starting. Great.

Mile 1 and 2: Running in the misty rain isn’t too bad. It is a bit refreshing! Oh hey! There’s Sadie! I can say that I kept up with Sadie for about one minute!

Mile 3: Where is this water break?? With all this rain, I sure am thirsty! What’s this? Ooh! Jelly beans! Don’t mind if I do! Ah, there’s the water break. Hallelujah!

Mile 4: ohhh, jelly beans! Why did I eat you? Uggh. . . There is are some definite rumblies in my tumblies. Must. press. on. When did I stop being able to feel my fingers? Keli and I part ways, leaving me to traipse on.

Mile 5: I do hope my fingers are able to function again someday. Almost done. Almost done. My poor legs. My poor stomach. I’m almost done. I can see Brett and Ellie soon. And I can be warm again. What is it like to be warm again? I can’t remember the taste of strawberries, Sam. . . Wait. that is ROTK. Nevermind.

Mile 6: Some wonderful encourager from the sideline tells me I can finish. I can finish! There it is! There’s Memorial Stadium! So close. Yet so far.

Finish line: I finished in 1:12:29, which isn’t too bad considering that I thought that I was going to keel over for the last 1/3 of the race. I beat my pregnant time, so there is that. Will I do it again? Yup.

Thanks for supplying all the 10K pictures, Keli!

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