Stitch Fix No.2 Review

A few months ago I decided to give Stitch Fix a try. There had been no new non-maternity clothes for me in quite a while and it has been difficult to get to the mall with a baby. I had seen some bloggers I follow get clothes from there and I loved the idea of it.

If you aren’t familiar with how Stitch Fix works, you sign up, create a style profile, pay a $20 styling fee for them to put your clothes together, and schedule your fix! The fee does go towards paying for your final purchase. The style profile is a series of questions you fill out regarding your measurements, preferred price range, and what kind of clothing styles you like.  It gets pretty detailed, which was nice. Once you receive your fix in the mail, you try on all five pieces of clothes, decide what you want to keep and send the rest back in the mail.  Then go online and checkout on their site, letting them know what you kept and your thoughts on each piece. Something else pretty cool that they introduced is maternity and petite sizes, but neither one of those apply to me.

My first fix I kept an awesome faux leather jacket and a pair of jeans.  Those jeans fit so well! I was amazed at how they could send me one pair of jeans in the mail and they actually fit so nicely.

If you want to give it a try (and I know you do!), use my referral link (I get a credit if you sign up and order a fix):

Item No.1 ^ Alena Collared Button Down Top $88

Alena Collared Button Down Top - stitch fix review - brettandrachel+

I was so excited when I saw this shirt. It was navy, sleevless, and adorable. Alas, it was not meant to be.  I had a sinking feeling even before I snapped it up that it was going to be too tight, and it was. Even if it doesn’t really look that way in the picture, there was way too much puckering. Plus it was $88 and little ol’ me was not going to pay that much for a sleeveless shirt. And sorry for no makeup and wet hair. Nevermind. Not sorry at all.

Return it

Item No.2 ^ Moana Collared Top $48

Moana Collared Top sleeveless shirt - stitch fix review - brettandrachel+

This was another sleeveless shirt for me to try and I wasn’t thrilled about this one just by looking at it.  The light purple color was just not me and when I tried it on, I felt washed out.  It was also a bit too loose for my taste.  Brett liked it, but I didn’t like it enough to keep it.

Return it

Item No.3 ^ Carly Multi-Stone Layering Necklace $36

Carly Multi-Stone Layering Necklace - stitch fix review - brettandrachel+

I got a necklace this time! Not only do you get clothes sent to you, you can also get jewelry and purses/bags in your fix if you want.  I really like this necklace. The color is nice and I like that I could wear it with lots of different outfits.  However, I was torn as to whether or not I wanted to keep it, and in the end decided not to keep it.  Brett does look lovely modeling it for me! 😉

Return it

Item No.4 ^ Leticia Lattice Detail Top $44

Leticia Lattice Detail Top - stitch fix review - brettandrachel+

Leticia Lattice Detail Top - stitch fix review - brettandrachel+

For my third sleeveless shirt, I received a lightweight, super soft black shirt with a cute eyelet detail on the front and back. I really wasn’t sure about this shirt. It was definitely cute, but I wasn’t sure if I’d wear it all that often and it was a bit short. I wasn’t loving where it fell when I wore it with my jeans.

Return it

Item No.5 ^ Ariana Printed Midi Skirt $88

Ariana Printed Midi Skirt - stitch fix review - brettandrachel+

I had put this skirt on my Pinterest board and was so excited to have received it this fix! Midi skirts have been in recently and I had really wanted to try one. This one has a relaxed feel to it, plus it has pockets! I tried it on with the black shirt, along with a couple other shirts I already have and it looks super cute in each. My particular favorite is pairing it with my chambray shirt. Here you will find me wearing my blue Target v-neck. Because the baby has been fussy and I really didn’t feel like changing my shirt.

Keep it!

This fix was fun to try on and while I did like all of the pieces, only one really stood out to me enough to keep.  Again, if you’re wanting to try Stitch Fix, you can sign up right here:

Thanks, Brett for taking the pictures!

P.S. This post is just my thoughts on Stitch Fix. I’m not receiving anything from them to write this.

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