“Training” for the Mini-I Challenge

Last year's 10K

Last year’s 10K

The past three years I’ve run some flavor of the Illinois Marathon.  The first year I decided to start out slow and run the 5K.  (Michael! 5K means five kilometers, not 5,000 miles!) Sorry, we love The Office around here.  The next two years I ran the Mini I Challenge with last year running with Miss Boo in the womb.  I decided for this year to stick with success and run the Mini I Challenge again.  For those of you who don’t know, it is the 5K on Friday night and the 10K Saturday morning.  I figured that if I was able to run the 10K five months pregnant, I could run it eight months postpartum.

Well, let me tell you. Getting back into this exercising business has been awful.  I was really liking the eat-all-the-things and “what exercise?” routine, but alas, it had to come to an end.  I started off with attempting to complete the 30 Day Shred again (failed).  Then I moved onto running and tracking my progress with Runkeeper.  Mind you, I hadn’t run any since the last 10K and it was quite unpleasant getting back into the routine.  What ended up working for me was to set a goal of running at least twice a week with increasing my long runs here and there.  It really helps you stay motivated when you can see your runs and the progress you’re making.  Well, I’m up to running 5 ish miles again on my long run and the race is April 25th.

Here’s my advice to get back into running:

  • Sign up for a race.
  • Get some running shoes that don’t hurt your feet.  I got some Brooks.
  • Track your progress!
  • Run with friends!
  • Neon makes you run faster. Fact. So get some neon.

My goal after the race is to keep running!  Every year I stop running after the race and really want to make sure that I keep running this year.  Maybe I’ll try for some more races in the fall!

Anyone else running any sort of race out there? Any marathoners?  Even if you are just the Netflix kind! (P.S. what are you watching??)


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